Thursday, August 31, 2006

(15) October 5,1970 "Smileys" R Us

1970: First Class Stamp $0.06 cents
Here comes"The Partridge Family"
Music included : "We've Only Just Begun"-Carpenters,
"ABC"-Jackson Five, "Bridge over Troubled Waters"-Simon and Garfunkel
"The Point" by Harry Nilssen was an Animated TV Special
Jim Hendrix dies of an overdose in London
Students gunned down at Kent State
Erich Segal publishes "Love Story"
At fourteen I was in serious love with Simon and Garfunkel. I played their album "Bookends" so many times I finally had to buy another since it became so scratched. I was devastated when they broke up right before "Bridge Over Troubled Waters" was released. In music the lyric is as important as the melody to me, the more poetic the better. I sang a lot around this time in school choirs and church. I have a natural ear for harmony, and my family was very surprised I didn't go on to become a musician.
This was also the year I became obsessed with everything "Smiley" face. This didn't last long, I collected 70 or so pieces when I quit after a year. "Smiley" Mugs, cookie jar, all manner and sizes of lapel pins and jeans patches. :::Poof::: not interested after that. That is the problem with being ahead of the curve, when it is embraced by the general public I drop it in a hurry. Too bad I didn't keep the stuff, it would have been an Ebay goldmine.



I remember that Smiley thing back in the 70's...I hated it...I hated that bright yellow circle smiley at me....I found it annoying...I am glad you gave it up...

Laura Belle said...

Hey, I was 14 years old! (LOL) You on the other hand were 17 and I am so sure "smileys" weren't your focus at the time.
Actually, I have a smiley face sheet set that is my favorite (Bwa-ha-ha-ha)

Just kidding...RELAX wouldya?


Do you still sleep on those sheets? It is a Friday afternoon of a 3 day weekend, if I were anymore relaxed I would slide out of my chair.

Laura Belle said...

I'll never tell >>wink<<

r o g n y c said...

If I remember correctly the graphic and 'have a nice day' slogan were conceived as part of a Seattle bank's marketing campaign (or perhaps by a Seattle ad agency for a client elsewhere.) Assuming one of the theories are correct this is a curious foreshadowing of the nice days you'd have in Seattle.

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Aw, Sugar. See? The trick to the "Bookends" album thing was to get TWO copies of it, and load them onto your turntable so that when side ONE finished playing, side TWo would drop and badda bing! "Music, Music, Music" (jazz hands)

"...can you imagine us years from today, sharing a park bench QUIETLY?" It's a stretch, isn't it.

kiss kiss,
(if you don't know me by the light of the fire burning bright, you'll know me by how I write, sometimes in the...)