Friday, February 02, 2007

Pardon me if my HEAD Explodes

The last month or so I have been preparing for a creative jag, and my head is so full of details and ideas that I am now spending a lot of time (scribble, scribble, scribble) at my desk. In a much better frame of mind, the details are coming fast and furious. Soon it will be time once again to focus and implement these ideas. I will say I have always been grateful for the ability to think creatively. It has a downside to be sure, but I wouldn't have chosen a different life than the one I have in this way.
Over the holidays I catalogued and pulled about 1/2 of my vast 30 year "I don't know why I was driven to collect" popular culture toy collection and over the next three to four weeks will be offering it for sale on Ebay. As always I was surprised at my feelings in doing this, it does seem the more I clear space in my life (processions that serve no real purpose) the lighter I always feel in some way emotionally. I guess I am in a phase of "emotional" Spring cleaning in this way. And really, how many snowdomes, bendy figures, character dolls, etc. does anyone need? I guess my unconscious mind took the old saying "Those that die with the most toys wins" a little too literally. (LOL)
I am trying to get back into the habit of blogging, as I have missed it. Kinda like a public diary of my thoughts about and to people I care for. I like that :)

Be Afraid, be VERY Afraid State of Illinois Swimmers!

Time for a little Aunt bragging. Here they are, those fabulous Beckman swimming sisters. Crystal is just this close to gaining state ranking; and Maryssa and Lauren are ranked nationally now Ahhh...OK. Now back to our regularly scheduled blog reading. :)