Monday, June 30, 2008

It's That Time of Year Again...

.... and truly, it begs the question "Why do we bother to outlaw them?" I say this because my family members are generally good law abiding citizens. They keep within the speed limit, go to church on Sundays, keep the majority of kink in the bedroom, and volunteer. But the minute an illegal fireworks stand opens it's doors in the states of Indiana , Missouri, or Tennessee they sneak across the border in the dead of night and buy huge bags of somewhat dubious fireworks for their Forth of July Pyrotechnic pleasure. At a party where there will be, undoubtedly, massive quantities of beer present, they will risk their very lives and limbs on this show every year. Here is just a sampling of the $300 (Hopefully funds not going to the white slave or heroin underground) worth of fireworks for this year's celebration. It makes me giggle and roll my eyes at their illicit rebellion. (LOL) But I do have a date with with this year's new "Frog Prince" fire ball on the fourth, here's hoping I maintain my ten digit status.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Two of my Favorite Puppies :)

Crystal and "the Doodle" as he insists his friends call him. Soon it will be an unpronounceable symbol like Prince I fear. He was really wriggling while I was taking this, I think he is a bit tired of the paparazzi documenting his every move. I do think he resembles Leonardo with his full on "bring it on life" look. I am starting to develop big plans for his Da Vinci dog house, as I think he needs a leopard skin sleeping pillow and absolutely must have a Mona Lisa (with suitable changes to look like his mother) mural in it.

Monday, June 09, 2008

All the SUDDEN the Figurine Moved! (LOOK AWAY: Extreme CUTE ALERT)

Look who visited my light box while I was shooting porcelain collectibles for Ebay this weekend! I knew right away he wasn't a Royal Copley or McCoy. And just to make this whole picture sweeter than most can stand right after this picture was taken he produced the cutest little "doodle" that looked like a question mark. I am thinking that "Doodle Da Vinci" name may be to speak.

I dunno.. I might be a goner. Now if I can only find the right purse to carry him in....(LOL)

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Chewing Off a bit of time to BLOG

Good Lord, it has been weeks since I've found the time to blog, mia culpa! I have been diligently working .. here's a picture of my overloaded desk to prove it. I have developed a new bracelet design, much lighter to wear but with the same glam power as my glass bead gallery ones. I've utilized many of my great collection of vintage plastic beads from the 40's and 50's, which beat out new glass beads by a mile, but this has taken hours of sorting. Since I am in the process of developing my ETSY site, and plan on introducing it sometime in July, my production of "critical mass" is important. But that isn't the only pot boiling on my personal stove.

My sister has gone on an auction frenzy, and I am uploading as many as 150 ads a week selling vintage collectibles for her on Ebay. I barely finish one group as she backs up her van and begins unloading another load of treasures (trash?) to sort, shoot, and build. This next week alone I have 250 to build and upload so I figure I'll just sleep on the pool table at her house between typing jags.

The news on Lewis; he had his surgery on Tuesday. It went well and he was home Thursday. We will not know it all the cancer was rooted out until next week, but the surgeon was very positive. My family has really hung together on this one, as we've spent a lot of time at Martha's "pitch hitting" with the kids (cooking, cleaning, etc) Upside: Great Food. Downside: TOO MUCH great food. :-/ But I am so grateful for the positive outcome for Lewis, and again thank all those who kept him in their thoughts.

And of course in all this frenzied activity I missed calling you on your birthday Rogie. I was determined to, and yet I probably did something crazy like sleep or something that day. I do hope you had a great one my friend, good thing I sent those cookies early this year!

With this said I am off to greet another rainy day in Illinois. I have more to write about later as I have been saving up...I mean there are puppies to discuss, as well as politics, books read, and......too much for one blog entry. :)