Monday, June 09, 2008

All the SUDDEN the Figurine Moved! (LOOK AWAY: Extreme CUTE ALERT)

Look who visited my light box while I was shooting porcelain collectibles for Ebay this weekend! I knew right away he wasn't a Royal Copley or McCoy. And just to make this whole picture sweeter than most can stand right after this picture was taken he produced the cutest little "doodle" that looked like a question mark. I am thinking that "Doodle Da Vinci" name may be to speak.

I dunno.. I might be a goner. Now if I can only find the right purse to carry him in....(LOL)


Anonymous said...

Hi sweetie!

I went for a big dog this time (now named Lady Bear), but if I'd gone for a small one... I had decided to call it TidBit :)
Seems a shame not to use such a cute name on some wee lil runt charmer somewhere (hint, hint) LOL
Be careful Hon, weener dawgs are sooo addictive... in that slinky, follow-you-everywhere kinda way :)

Missing youuuu,

Cedar said...

Purse to what him in? Why not get one of those baby wrap things so he can always be on your chest?