Saturday, October 31, 2009

Why I love that Red-Haired Woman

I watched her very closely. I saw all those weird dog costumes she looked at at Petsmart. God help me, there were fairies, pumpkins, clown costumes, even a "gulp" doggie taco. She would look at them and then look at me...I knew she was visualizing every goofy frill on me. But this is how much she loves me..(or how bad she felt last year for dressing me as a hot dog). I got a new sweater for Halloween. No pirate hat, or devil horns for me. A nice dignified dog sweater. Yeah, the turtleneck is a little over the top, but considering how she could have dressed me I won't complain. Especially with a mouth full of Halloween yogurt doggie treat. WOOF!

Portrait of a Teenager

Crystal as "Mutant Bunny" with attitude.
It's official..she has crossed over to the dark side of teenaged angst.
Oh, goodie.

My Favorite Halloween Costumes 2009

After reviewing all 200 or so costumes that made their way to the door this Halloween these were absolutely my favorites for 2009...The Scary Breakfast Crew....Oooooo
First there was "Evil Prairie Farms Milk"...waaay past it's due date it was definitely 100% Evil as advertised. Then there was "Cereal O' Death"...almost completely sugar and totally deathly. Rounding out this crew was "Processed Orange Juice Drink"...that claimed it never even met an orange. Now who says American ingenuity is on the decline? (LOL)
Happy Halloweenie :)

Monday, October 05, 2009

Fueled by Cake

Ok, It's my birthday, I'll blog. Been a strange summer..but here I am at the end with the cool kiss of Fall on my skin. Always my favorite of seasons, this year more than ever. Haven't blogged because I've been ill, and really had nothing to say in the interim. Working hard, just this week off to a ten day event. Sales are weak and the economy is really abysmal in the Midwest. So disgusted with the health care debates, all political sides, and the status of greed as a lifestyle choice in this country. Don't get me started.

The good news is that after several years of waiting I had a true "ah-hah" moment around an "old" new project. The last week or so actually working on pricing and preparing the artwork. So I have found a lot of energy just doing what I do, and that is good. Doodle is a prize, whatever did I do without my furry faced friend? He'll probably feel the need to update he sees me typing and remembers he hasn't blogged either. (LOL)

So that is all the news I can think of. Hope this finds everyone happy and healthy out there in blogland. :)

It's My Birthday Card from Rogie :)

Thank you! :)