Thursday, August 30, 2007

I didn't win the cow (LOL)

OK, this is my story. My next door neighbor was selling raffle tickets for a big festival here last week. I bought a few, and among the tickets was one for a cow. Now I expected this would be beef from a cow, and when I read the fine print I was astonished to find it was for a whole LIVE cow. OMG...what am I gonna do with a cow! I mean, it would cost about 300$ to process an entire cow, and that would also mean I would pay to kill it. I can and do eat beef, but this much beef would take a much larger freezer than I have, and killing a cow... yikes! I called my sisters, and they both assured me (since they are both cow beef buying professionals) that 1/2 a cow feeds both their families for months and months...and between the three of us there would not be enough freezer space for an entire cow. In my mind, this was a bad sign that, since I was not really prepared, I would win it. (LOL) Luckily, I won BINGO games instead and someone else won a cow. Cash is easy to store, and takes up virtually no freezer space. Thanks Universe.

You never know...

...what you will find at an Illinois auction. I can't believe there are actually people that live here and never go to auctions! I got back in the swing of it yesterday, and bought several things for resale. But this little 50's Chinese Figurine set stays with me. I priced this set of early 50's Shawnee Chinese figurines with detachable baskets for my oriental collection last time I was in Seattle and the pair was $45.00. Yesterday I found them sitting in the middle of a huge auction trailer, in pristine condition, and purchased them for $6.00. I have come to believe about 50% of antiques on Ebay at this point are from Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri auctions. This particular auction also had unbelievable furniture deals, and I am watching out for pieces to repaint. I couldn't bare to paint real antiques, but old wooden furniture is plentiful here and so I am on the lookout for 40's and 50's naive pieces to paint. I'll keep my progress posted :)

Friday, August 24, 2007

A Very "Fortunate" Day

Today I had Chinese food for lunch, one of my favorite treats. Imagine my surprise when I opened my fortune cookie and three fortunes popped out. In all my years, I have never had that happen so I think maybe I should take this group seriously. (LOL) I have always saved my fortunes, I have thousands of them. I have thought at various times I should write a book using only my fortunes, or use them in some creative work. But never have I encountered three stuffed in one cookie. So it is indeed a fortunate day. :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

On to the Next Year

Long Term Benefits of Quitting
1 year:
excess risk of coronary heart disease is decreased to half that of a smoker
At 5 years:
from 5 to 15 years after quitting, stroke risk is reduced to that of people who have never smoked.
At 10 years:
risk of lung cancer drops to as little as one-half that of continuing smokers
risk of cancer of the mouth, throat, esophagus, bladder, kidney, and pancreas decreases
risk of ulcer decreases
At 15 years:
risk of coronary heart disease is now similar to that of people who have never smoked
risk of death returns to nearly the level of people who have never smoked.

Yesterday it was a year. It was really difficult to quit the first week, but I was very determined. And there have been times "just one cigarette" would have been an easy self-con. But from my own experience I knew better. And here I am a year later... smoke free. My friend Bammy is quitting now, 40+ days...and I wanted to post these to inspire her to continue. She's had a hard year too, and it takes a lot of courage to walk through this when stressed out in real life. I am proud of you Bammy.
It would have been impossible to do this without the generous help of Rachael for many months, and so I must say "Thank you" to her as well.
And now, on the day after this goal has been reached I start on another. I was diagnosed with diabetes this year, and I have battled a weight problem my whole life. So this year's goal is to reduce in weight and build strength. Another goal that has so far eluded me no matter how long I've worked at it. I am built like my Mother, and the chances on me being tiny are slim (No pun intended) but I will reduce my chances of being dependant on insulin if I work diligently at this goal. So all the good thoughts, prayers, and support that have been extended to me during this year I hope will continue for this goal as well.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tick Tick Tick...

In five days it will have been a full year. I can honestly say, if the situatiions of this last year didn't drive me to smoke, none never will. :)

Well, It's been a while...

Finally on the other side of a very difficult situation. Still have all my fingers and toes and I'm still I am grateful. Spent the last couple of weeks just righting my life, taking time to not only reconstruct but really look at my current path and see where I really want it to lead at this point.

I knew it was time to start blogging again when I saw this. (LOL) A HUGE ten pound zucchini squash. It absolutely needed it's moment in the spotlight... it was almost a sin to cut it up and use it! I use zucchinis as a meat extender in several low fat meals...and this baby was used in four full sized freezer recipes. Illinois is amazing for it's ability to grow such things, and one of the benefits of residing here is the fresh vegetables and fruits. So it is fitting that this starts off my blogging here . :)