Thursday, August 30, 2007

I didn't win the cow (LOL)

OK, this is my story. My next door neighbor was selling raffle tickets for a big festival here last week. I bought a few, and among the tickets was one for a cow. Now I expected this would be beef from a cow, and when I read the fine print I was astonished to find it was for a whole LIVE cow. OMG...what am I gonna do with a cow! I mean, it would cost about 300$ to process an entire cow, and that would also mean I would pay to kill it. I can and do eat beef, but this much beef would take a much larger freezer than I have, and killing a cow... yikes! I called my sisters, and they both assured me (since they are both cow beef buying professionals) that 1/2 a cow feeds both their families for months and months...and between the three of us there would not be enough freezer space for an entire cow. In my mind, this was a bad sign that, since I was not really prepared, I would win it. (LOL) Luckily, I won BINGO games instead and someone else won a cow. Cash is easy to store, and takes up virtually no freezer space. Thanks Universe.

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