Monday, September 29, 2008

Jack Cafferty Tells Us How He Really Feels About Sarah Palin

HERE! HERE! This is not the "Miss Teen America" Pagent, where nerves and lack of clear communication can be laughed away as "adorable", but the office of the Vice President of the United States of America we are talking about here.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Let 'em Fail

Been busy, like everyone else it seems, glued to the unfolding crisis on Wall Street. Especially following the 700 Billion Dollar American Taxpayer Bailout, and from my lowly view I say if there is no accountability for where these funds are allocated, or failed banks and companies refuse asset transfer to make these funds a loan, I say let 'em fail. This smells like "Shock and Awe Deux" to me, and just a way for the Bush administration to raid the financial markets and tie the hands of the next administration, especially if that administration has bold new plans and directions for America that will take funds. I hope to God the Democrats hold this bail out up all the way through the election; deregulation is our esteemed Republican colleagues sticky ball of wax let them find a way to wash it off themselves. We as a nation are warned that if we do not act very quickly there certainly will be a recession. Hello...HELLO...HELLO, I think we are already in one down here on the ground Mr. Paulson. I think in actuality if we don't act quickly we will see more failures, and this is deadly timing for the Republican campaign. Period.

It is doubly frightening to me that half of the American electorate is totally "OK" with voting in a candidate for vice president of America that has not faced questions from the press. I don't mean sit down interviews with favorable television talking heads, I mean PRESS. Stonewalling the bipartisan investigation in Alaska, campaign stumping like a wind up doll, the same speaking points over and over even when disproved as a lie, this is lunacy. There is not one other candidate in this campaign didn't have to walk through the ring of press fire to get there. Even the vice presidential debate has been carefully crafted, since Ms. Palin "doesn't have the debate experience" to face Biden. If she can't crawl out from under her rock and stand up to the big boys now, how on earth would she be able to lead this country in a crisis? It is obviously not that important that she be able to think on her feet or speak to the people she represents, her handlers will do that for her. Don't know about anyone else, but I am not voting for "handlers." Her "presentation" seems to be the final curtain call before closing the current Washington Puppet Show. With any hope that is.

Now see why I try to stay out of discussing politics on my blog? (LOL)

Friday, September 12, 2008

The Palin Doctrine

"Don't blink."

You know, the funny thing about "doublespeak" is that you must first understand the concept in question to be able to do it. It doesn't really work very well if used in covering up what you yourself do not know.

"Don't Blink."

Works well when playing poker, but I'm not really comfortable gambling with America's future by electing a leader who can't admit they need more information, or one who doesn't take the time to really think through a situation and instead relies on "Don't Blink" as a first response. Does this initial response sound familiar? It we have had eight long years of "Don't Blink." from "He-who-will-not-be-named-by-the-Republican-party." We've all seen how effective that was.

"Don't Blink."

Thanks for the suggestion Sarah. But after your performance last week you can be sure you added even more voters sufficiently terrified with your hubris (you can look that word up) to the Democratic Party.

We won't be blinking or exhaling until after you are sent packing back to Alaska.

Monday, September 08, 2008

A Little Reminder

Think Doodle would stand still for this? (LOL)

Doodle would chew off his own tail before he's allow anyone to paint him. This is a cat thang obviously.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Lastly, what did we learn this week?

If you are in the direct path of a hurricane, or involved in any natural disaster, have the good sense to plan it during the Republican National Convention. Compassionate Conservative "Photo Op" for them, much needed help and attention for you. It's a real "Win-Win" situation.

That was for you New Orleans...OK, I'm done :)

And another thing....

Just because his name wasn't mentioned. even once, from one speaker at the pulpit of the National Republican Convention this week doesn't mean we'd ever forget who he belongs to. I guess if he was the vice president enthusiastically elected from my party for eight long years of service I might be embarrassed to claim him too. I just marvel that you managed to say so little about our sitting Republican president as know...GEORGE BUSH.
Nice try at revisionist history though. (LOL)

Follow the Yellow Brick Bridge to 'Nowhere"..

This news week has certainly had a strange, Technicolor movie quality to it. (LOL) Even though I promised myself I would get roped into politics on my blog this year I feel what I have been thinking needs to be said out loud. This is in no way intended to change anyone's mind in this election, I'm pretty clear the battle lines are drawn at this point for just about everyone and most voters I personally know are cemented to their position.

The first question in my mind after the selection of Sarah Palin as McCain's running mate was "Why on EARTH this woman?" There are many, many Republican woman that would be far more effective and suitable if this were just a "fill in" for Hillary voters. Just off the top of my head I think of Kay Bailey Hutchinson of Texas who would have been a really serious asset to this ticket. With all the controversy that immediately swirled around the choice of Sarah Palin, it seems to be clear she was not vetted for this position properly. Or was she?

Purely from the standpoint of my experience in marketing, I have come to the conclusion that Sarah Palin was chosen as a "smoke screen" for this ticket. I believe that she was chosen to do exactly what she is doing, take the full force of attention away from the messages of the respective campaigns and place it on a "shiny new media toy." Focus the "lightening quick video game" attention span of this country squarely on a candidate with more skeletons in her closet than Anna Nicole, and the media will follow suit. There is the very real possibility the news cycle may not be able to investigate all the leads and scandals attached to this woman within the slim eight weeks before this election. It already seems questions considered reasonable to a male candidate will be considered "sexism" if the answer is uncomfortable for Ms. Palin, and she is the only candidate I've witnessed in my voting experience who is taking several weeks during crucial campaign time deliberately shielded from the pesky, guaranteed by the American Constitution, free press. Need I remind anyone...eight weeks until we pull that lever...tick, tick, tick.

As much as I dislike Sarah Palin's politics I do feel some measure of pity for her. I think her blind ambition deludes her into believing she deserves the Vice Presidency at her low level of experience. (I lived in Alaska remember, and know how small and insulted that community is firsthand.) I don't think she was prepared for the media scrutiny she will endure, and I can't believe she actually gave much thought to the scrutiny her so called "normal" family would endure either. But in one stated position, she is the perfect choice for her handlers. BIG OIL and mega corporate interests need a person in office that dismisses warnings from science and will continue the march toward the depletion of the resources of this planet. To select her just proves, they don't care if the person in that position wears a skirt and lipstick. Yay, Girl Power!

Now back to the actual campaign. This time like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, I hope we'll all ignore orders and peak behind that smokescreen curtain. The message of "Change" is obviously very effective and so powerful Republicans are attempting to co-opt it. Democrats stay on message, do not react to daily gossip and innuendo as fact. There is clearly a very double standard at work here, as the Republican party would crucify a Democratic candidate with Sarah Palin's problems and sell roasted marshmallows at the event. But if you are given the opportunity to debate her Mr. Biden, just visualize Dick Cheney in a skirt. A true feminist knows the punches come with the position, ask Hillary. Keep to the facts, there are more than enough lies to expose that have nothing to do with her gender to suffice.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Have I mentioned how much I love this dog?

Doodle had a "puppy sleep over" this weekend with his little brother Oscar, and the kids wasted no time dressing them in doggie clothes. At least Doodle got a somewhat dignified Polo shirt and not a glittery sweater, and I know he was grateful for that.
It's official by the way, the Vet confirmed Friday that Doodle is very special (like we didn't know that already) because he is a rare albino puppy. He has pink feet pads, clear nails, every inch of skin is pink and then there is that nose. I knew he was mine the minute I met him, Odd is good . :)

Give me a Yard of Velvet...

...some trim, beads, and 12 hours and you too can have this lovely velvet hat. (LOL) I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel in the massive "Maryssa Renaissance Costume" project I just had to celebrate a minute. Hard to believe we've spent two months building this costume. When Maryssa saw her hat today she was completely delighted and squealed ..."Nobody has even seen anything even close to this...". My sister didn't miss a beat when she said..."Nobody has an Aunt like Laura either." Nice to be appreciated by a teenager on a Tuesday. :)