Friday, September 12, 2008

The Palin Doctrine

"Don't blink."

You know, the funny thing about "doublespeak" is that you must first understand the concept in question to be able to do it. It doesn't really work very well if used in covering up what you yourself do not know.

"Don't Blink."

Works well when playing poker, but I'm not really comfortable gambling with America's future by electing a leader who can't admit they need more information, or one who doesn't take the time to really think through a situation and instead relies on "Don't Blink" as a first response. Does this initial response sound familiar? It we have had eight long years of "Don't Blink." from "He-who-will-not-be-named-by-the-Republican-party." We've all seen how effective that was.

"Don't Blink."

Thanks for the suggestion Sarah. But after your performance last week you can be sure you added even more voters sufficiently terrified with your hubris (you can look that word up) to the Democratic Party.

We won't be blinking or exhaling until after you are sent packing back to Alaska.

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