Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Let 'em Fail

Been busy, like everyone else it seems, glued to the unfolding crisis on Wall Street. Especially following the 700 Billion Dollar American Taxpayer Bailout, and from my lowly view I say if there is no accountability for where these funds are allocated, or failed banks and companies refuse asset transfer to make these funds a loan, I say let 'em fail. This smells like "Shock and Awe Deux" to me, and just a way for the Bush administration to raid the financial markets and tie the hands of the next administration, especially if that administration has bold new plans and directions for America that will take funds. I hope to God the Democrats hold this bail out up all the way through the election; deregulation is our esteemed Republican colleagues sticky ball of wax let them find a way to wash it off themselves. We as a nation are warned that if we do not act very quickly there certainly will be a recession. Hello...HELLO...HELLO, I think we are already in one down here on the ground Mr. Paulson. I think in actuality if we don't act quickly we will see more failures, and this is deadly timing for the Republican campaign. Period.

It is doubly frightening to me that half of the American electorate is totally "OK" with voting in a candidate for vice president of America that has not faced questions from the press. I don't mean sit down interviews with favorable television talking heads, I mean PRESS. Stonewalling the bipartisan investigation in Alaska, campaign stumping like a wind up doll, the same speaking points over and over even when disproved as a lie, this is lunacy. There is not one other candidate in this campaign didn't have to walk through the ring of press fire to get there. Even the vice presidential debate has been carefully crafted, since Ms. Palin "doesn't have the debate experience" to face Biden. If she can't crawl out from under her rock and stand up to the big boys now, how on earth would she be able to lead this country in a crisis? It is obviously not that important that she be able to think on her feet or speak to the people she represents, her handlers will do that for her. Don't know about anyone else, but I am not voting for "handlers." Her "presentation" seems to be the final curtain call before closing the current Washington Puppet Show. With any hope that is.

Now see why I try to stay out of discussing politics on my blog? (LOL)

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Godinla said...

I just gave politics a whirl on my blog too. Venting is fun. Stating your position is necessary from time to time.

I love what you have to say, and as always, how you say it.

Be happy!