Saturday, December 16, 2006

OOooooo Pretty!

Some little Christmas elf out there thought I might want this for Christmas. (LOL) Actually, I liked the picture more than I would ever want to own such a thing. (Yes, I can hear you snickering clear over here Brooke.)
Now if it had been a beach house, then we could talk!

Miss Kitt singing in my head and the old familiar tune... "Santa Baby"....>>wink<<

I'd just be happy with a working catalytic converter. Now that is just sad. (LOL)

Friday, December 15, 2006

My Thanksgiving story

Here he is , the magnificent roasted beast. My thanksgiving this year is a story I have been meaning to share, and so today I will make the effort. :)
My car troubles hit right around Thanksgiving, and so all plans I had made for the holiday went directly out the window at the last minute. Visions of warming up a Swanson Turkey Dinner at the house alone, and watching the Macy's Parade danced in my head. I have spent holidays by myself before, and generally enjoyed them. But this year I really felt I should do something. I had spoken to a friend Lori here about doing Thanksgiving dinner with her and a few family members, but at the last minute her finances also tanked. So she called and invited me over for pie. While Lori was inviting me, from somewhere deep inside my head, my Grandmother's spirit yelled in my ear...If all you have is money troubles you don't have any troubles MAKE THANKSGIVING DINNER NO MATTER WHAT!!! I know from experience better never, ever argue with my grandmother! So on Wednesday before Thanksgiving I was crawling around, braving the crowds to find Thanksgiving ingredients to make dinner for Lori's family. A small enough gathering that a turkey would have been overkill, we settled on a big roasting chicken instead. And my payment for this effort was feeding a child who loved and craved stuffing, so he ate his fill and had leftovers for later. So even as bad as it seems for me right now, I am still grateful I can do small things that make a difference for others. So thanks Universe for giving me the opportunity to remember this, and always thanks and my love to you, Dixie Lafayette.