Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What I am Reading: EINSTEIN by Walter Isaacson

Just finished reading "EINSTEIN" by Walter Isaacson this past weekend, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was thinking that it would be difficult to really capture the spirit of the actual person, since his great achievements in Physics would cloud objectivity. To even describe his discoveries in layman's terms would be a daunting task, but Isaacson did an excellent job. Instead of the dry textbook type of biography this book read like an adventure. And the best part, in the end I even liked and respected Einstein more for his humanity.

Updating: The ATTEMPT

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): This is your best chance in a long time to meet people you've always wanted to meet. It's also a favorable time to turn pretty good connections into excellent collaborations, and to adjust your role in your web of alliances so it's closer to where you want it to be. None of these fine developments in your social life will magically unfold on their own, however. You can't just sit back passively and hope that cosmic forces will somehow make them happen. So formulate your intentions crisply and act aggressively to manifest them.

My horoscope today. As always, Rob hits it right on the head for me. Sometimes I think it would be quicker for him to just give me a call and then write his Libra horoscope weekly. :)

And here I am, with a vicious summer cold and a big bowl of homemade chicken and dumplings. I won't write about cooking it, but thanks to the friend that reminded me that a chicken could be my best friend fighting this. You were right, even if I didn't add Tabasco sauce.

Doodle is getting bigger, and is going through his "terrible twos". Chewing everything in sight and "talking back" when I correct him. But he's still the cutest thing on four feet so I'll keep him.

Working on a rhinestone studded medieval costume for my niece, as well as building a hat to match it. Over 1000 red and topaz rhinestones applied by hand, will upload a picture when we've finished. So handy to have an "arty aunt" around, thank God she's a senior this year and there won't be many of these left to make. There are actual wedding dresses that take less work, honestly. But I love her too, so I'll keep her.

So Rob, I am working at shifting my reality. But until then I am grateful for this quiet life.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Maybe I should rename my blog?

ALL DOODLE...ALL THE TIME (LOL) No...won't be doing that, I will get back to blogging about something other than Doodle or food sometime soon (hopefully). But I did want to say thank you to the friend (who wishes to remain anonymous) who sent us the fabulous Leopard Carpetbag "Doodle Carrier" that arrived today. Doodle especially likes that he has his own vinyl lined pocket in it. Now he thinks we need to go on a trip...maybe we should be planning one. :)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Doodle's Lexicon

I live with this strange red-headed woman, and she talks to me all the time. The problem is, I have no earthly idea what she is babbling on about, so I just do my best to look as fetching as possible and wing it. She doesn't seem to notice that she is speaking gibberish, and I am too much of a gentleman to tell her. I have noticed sometimes she says the same things over and over and over. So here's what I think she's trying to say:

OUTSIDE: I am not sure why she says this so loudly when she opens the door. It is kind of her to notify me of her plan to leave, but why so loudly? Just as it seems she will leave me in peace she scoops me up (oh, the indignity of this!) and carries me out the door with her. She will eventually deposit me on a green furry surface of some sort, where I make a big show of sniffing, and chewing. If I feel the urge to relieve myself she will coo and carry on like it is the best thing any dog has ever done. I am left to question, just why is she so interested in my personal habits? Seems, at best, a little simple minded of her, and at worst a strange fetish of some type.

TREAT: OK, here is the really weird part. If she thinks our little "trip" has been successful she starts yammering on about "treat" and gives me a a slice of "Pupperoni". Not that I am not generally grateful for a snack, but really, this is a treat? Don't think I haven't noticed "treat" isn't ever any of the good stuff she saves for herself. Don't think I didn't smell that bacon frying yesterday and wonder if I was getting any of that. I'm still waiting.

NOOOOOO!!!!!!!: This is a word she repeats constantly. All I have to do is nip at the plastic covering of a musty old art book, chew on a velvet couch pillow, or unravel the toilet paper roll to set her off in "NO!"spasms. Did she thank me for trying to organize her electrical cords behind the computer desk...NOOOO! Or congratulate me for saving her from that nasty bunny hopping around the green furry surface today....NOOOO! But the worst, (and I do mean the worst) is on the two occasions I found the perfect spot to leave a little deposit on the carpet... since she is so interested and all. Just minding my own business when BAM...she scooped me up and held me, feet dangling, over the kitchen waste basket....NOOOOOOOOO! I mean, how crazy is that? I was mortified, thank GOD no other dogs were around to see it.

WALK: I have no idea what she means when she says this. I do know it has something to do with my new blue necklace (the one I am determined to chew off ) and a rope-like thing. Again we find ourselves traversing the green furry surface. My stomach drags, and it is hard enough standing on my own wobbly feet, and really, what is the point of this? And yet she drags me around a minute or two until she gives up and picks me up. I will get her trained yet.

The last day or so a few new words have popped up..."Sit", "Stay", and "Come". As if. ;- P

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Fun With Fire*

Spinning Sparky Thing

Amber Waves

Fire Breather

* Although there were multiple children (35+) and hundreds of fireworks present, thankfully no digits were lost. However the boat dock suffered several nasty third degree burns, and the grass and flowers surrounding it will grow back eventually, right?(LOL)