Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Updating: The ATTEMPT

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): This is your best chance in a long time to meet people you've always wanted to meet. It's also a favorable time to turn pretty good connections into excellent collaborations, and to adjust your role in your web of alliances so it's closer to where you want it to be. None of these fine developments in your social life will magically unfold on their own, however. You can't just sit back passively and hope that cosmic forces will somehow make them happen. So formulate your intentions crisply and act aggressively to manifest them.

My horoscope today. As always, Rob hits it right on the head for me. Sometimes I think it would be quicker for him to just give me a call and then write his Libra horoscope weekly. :)

And here I am, with a vicious summer cold and a big bowl of homemade chicken and dumplings. I won't write about cooking it, but thanks to the friend that reminded me that a chicken could be my best friend fighting this. You were right, even if I didn't add Tabasco sauce.

Doodle is getting bigger, and is going through his "terrible twos". Chewing everything in sight and "talking back" when I correct him. But he's still the cutest thing on four feet so I'll keep him.

Working on a rhinestone studded medieval costume for my niece, as well as building a hat to match it. Over 1000 red and topaz rhinestones applied by hand, will upload a picture when we've finished. So handy to have an "arty aunt" around, thank God she's a senior this year and there won't be many of these left to make. There are actual wedding dresses that take less work, honestly. But I love her too, so I'll keep her.

So Rob, I am working at shifting my reality. But until then I am grateful for this quiet life.

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Cedar said...

EXCUSE ME...Hello...Chicken and Dumplings is NOT Chicken Soup. You so did not have a Jewish Mother, or have a drop of Jewish anything in your whole body.

TOBASCO, you need the tabasco or the cold will drag on for days.

Chicken and Dumplings? what?