Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What I am Reading: EINSTEIN by Walter Isaacson

Just finished reading "EINSTEIN" by Walter Isaacson this past weekend, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was thinking that it would be difficult to really capture the spirit of the actual person, since his great achievements in Physics would cloud objectivity. To even describe his discoveries in layman's terms would be a daunting task, but Isaacson did an excellent job. Instead of the dry textbook type of biography this book read like an adventure. And the best part, in the end I even liked and respected Einstein more for his humanity.


Godinla said...

I read this quirky little pocketbook called Einstein's Dreams that was odd but worthwhile. Since you're probably still in your Einstein phase, you might want to check it out. Pure fiction and short reading and not really much to do with Einstein but interesting.

By the way, I wrote a blog entry specifically about you last week. Goo back in my history and check out the "dancing queen."

Laura Belle said...

Thank you :) I will indeed check it out, even though I am once again flirting with Da Vinci. I can never get enough of the master.