Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Still Flying High :)

What a great day we all had yesterday. I awoke this morning and immediately started thinking of what I would commit to in order to help our new president be successful in his vision of rebuilding America. That is looking like public service to me at this juncture, and I do feel excited about participating again. Will update when I find my little niche.

Found this goofy little gem on Ebay, and it made me laugh out loud. Humor is back! And not the "I'm so embarrassed of him I am laughing uncomfortably" kind. As a devoted humorist I must admit the last eight years have been bleak indeed.

Monday, January 19, 2009

I can Hardly WAIT.... plop my new rubber chicken purse on a table at Denny's , pull out a couple of eggs, and ask the waitress to have them cooked "over easy." (LOL) This fa-a-a-bulous purse was a Christmas gift from Rogie, of course! :)
And you know I totally love it!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I would have guessed RED...

You Are an Orange Crayon

Your world is colored with offbeat, confident, and stimulating colors.

You have a personality that's downright weird - and you wouldn't change it for anything.

Loud and expressive, you voice your opinions fearlessly and strongly.

And while you have a strong personality, you can be friends with almost anyone.

Your color wheel opposite is blue. Your confidence is something blue people truly envy.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cedarfame: The Interview Questions

These are the interview questions Cedarflame graciously sent me. Very hard to answer in some cases but very cool. Enjoy!

1. You are one of the few Artists that I have meant that have actually had successful careers doing the thing they love best, art. How did that come about for you?

Like everything in life, small steps covered large distances. I made a series of Wall Icons for a gallery in Fremont, Seattle entitled "Everyday Icons" making everyday people and issues into updated Saints. They proved popular locally, and a jewelry line was formed from this idea, small wearable alters. With popularity comes imitation I when I found I was being mimicked by another jewelry company in the region I scheduled shows all over the country, picking up about 200 or so wholesale accounts. All the while thinking of the natural progression of this idea. It occurred to me that Catholic votive candles were the next step, and I took a whole summer in 1993 painting and developing this idea. I introduced them in September of that year, never dreaming they would take off as they did. My business grew 10 times it's size every month for almost two years, until I found myself with 5000+ wholesale accounts and international accounts as far away as Italy and Australia. I actually only knew it would be a success when I sold my favorite store on the planet TWIST in Portland, Ore. a group of candles and they reordered five times the initial order within three weeks early on. It has been my experience that creative ideas overlap each other, and build larger as they are explored fully.

2. Do you think that education is just as important to someone pursuing a career as an artist or do you think talent is all one needs to succeed?

To all the teachers out there I apologize in advance. I had a sterling formal education, but I do believe sometimes this kills art. I was always a rebel in school, who succeeded in spite of many well meaning teachers. A couple stand out, those who actually taught and didn't follow some personal dogma. With that said, I would also add education is paramount in artistic success, whether it be self motivated or channeled through formal education. Good ideas do not develop in life if they have no means of final expression. Education teaches those means.

3. As an artist, as well as a person, you have had a few reincarnations in this life (by that I mean moving from one place to another, creating businesses, etc.) do you see yourself in the process of another reincarnation?

I am currently in the seed space of reincarnation, but it has been a long fallow period. To make more success, it takes being really present in life, knowing the reality of the starting point. I've found myself thrashing about for a while, getting my bearings emotionally. I was concerned last year I'd completely lost my ambition, but I feel it starting to return. So I do think my reincarnation is just about to launch again. And I have many strong ideas on the desk. The issue for this Libra is to pick one. (LOL)

4. You have been a Seattelite in the past, what is it about Seattle that seems to draw people who are a little, let’s say, eccentric?

(LOL) If you think Seattle is eccentric move on up to Alaska. Those folks make Seattle folks look like your mother's comfy couch with doilies. That is where I was when my unbelievably talented friend Howard died of Aids, and I made the momentous decision to follow the path we both should have taken. I worked in Seattle sometimes, and looked around in my travels and saw a very vibrant and reasonably priced Mecca, hence my ultimate desire to move there. To answer your question, like brings like. Seattle was the epicenter of cool for about 10 years, building on the eccentricities of the artists, musicians, and innovators that flocked there. I see Seattle now as a victim of it's own success in many ways, and wonder where the hot bed of cool is now. Seattle seems to be populated by all new eccentrics looking for employment, and not in the innovative way.

5. Where ever you are there is an Altar in your home. Tell us how you started creating Altars and what purpose do they have in your life?

Oh My God Risley. This could be a book this question! I do not have a clue why I do this. I covered walls as a preteen with images and stuff, and I can't remember not having a visual space that represented my life spiritually. At this stage of my life my actual altar is smaller, although I tend to make every display (books, fridge magnets, etc) into tiny altar like spaces. But isn't that kinda what home is, an altar to the living? My actual altar is a visual reminder of certain spiritual aspects to remember daily, every item a memory or representation of something for me to remember as I go about my life. Some people make neat little scrapbooks, I make an altar. I have discussed my altar on this blog at length, and sometimes I really think I had a past life in some church capacity. I will say I am fascinated by devotional items, things that are meaningful not for monetary value but for the faith they represent. There is a lot of energy present in items that held the focus of devotion. I find in life I am far more attracted to the substance of things than the top layer of their categorization, The Deceptive Depth of Puddles. :)

Thanks for the questions Risley. You'll be happy to know I did study the Bush Doctrine and made a list of reading materials just in case!

Dog in the HOODIE*

Christmas Morning Doodle
His new Doodle da Vinci Hoodie Sweatshirt
(His Mom does indeed dress him funny)

This Christmas thing is exhausting!
Hanging out with Oscar and Crystal after the carnage.
* Thanks to Risley for the best picture caption :)

Maybe it WAS a Dream

That's what they did in the old Dallas TV Show when things got murky with the plot. But my absence has had a lot more to do with state of mind and computer hard drive crash then anything else, so it might not work. I am at the public library today with the express purpose of updating my blog, I will do my best.

Soon after getting the news I definitely needed surgery for my left eye I went into a depression. Been years since I've dealt with one of those deep dark holes in the fabric of life, and it was just as bad as I remembered it to be. You see, I am one of those millions of marginalized people in this great country with no health insurance, and any health crisis is just that, a real crisis. And as a visual artist (emphasis on visual) anything concerning my eyes is a scary prospect. I did manage to get the surgery, smack dab in the middle of Christmas, so many of my usual holiday traditions went straight out of the window. no Christmas cards or letters, the majority of my traditional cookies made by my family as I recuperated. The spirit wasn't cooperating, and the flesh was weak. Mia Culpa to everyone, I'll try again next year. :(

This week the bandages were finally removed, and I have a sparkling new eye. Well, new to me anyway, the same vision problems (I have always required major correction in the form of glasses) but my left eye is clear of that bloody clotting thing and as good as new. The residual medical billing is staggering however, an it leads me to have increased compassion for people that face everyday medical issues and the absence of money to fix them. I am sure I am not the only one.

Enter stage left my computer, who thought maybe this was a good time to act up and demand a new hard drive. She will return later this week hopefully, with bandages off as well. When it rains, it does indeed pour.

So I trust Christmas went on for everyone without me, and I do hope it was a great holiday. Santa was very good to Doodle, and like a child he has chewed through just about every toy he received at this point. He especially liked the chicken and rice Christmas cookies my sister made for him in the shape of Christmas trees. He thinks everyday should be like Christmas at this point, normal dog food does not compare.

I spoke to most of you during Christmas, but I want to say a special thank you to GOD in California, who only knows me from this blog, and was worried when it went suddenly silent. I do appreciate your concern, and thank you for it. You've got an extraordinary heart, don't let anyone tell you any different (even those voices in your head ...LOL. :)