Wednesday, May 30, 2007

And for those interested

285 Days since my last cigarette. Hard to believe, but true. There have been days this was hard to maintain for sure, but I am determined. Watching my Mother in her dying days hooked to an oxygen tank after years of smoking Bel-Airs is enough visualization anyone could ever need. My sense of smell has returned, skin tone drastically improved, and overall I feel a sense of compassion for anyone who finds themselves in the throes of an addiction. But for 285 days I have proven, to myself at least, that it is possible. Now to quit nicotine replacement is the final step for me.

HOUSTON, we have Ignition...

And so I sit in Houston this morning, after a harrowing move that felt more like the "floating of Noah's arc" than driving. (LOL) It rained so heavily all the way down Monday it popped one of my van's windshield wipers off.... twice... and by the time I reached Houston I found myself laughing hysterically while driving 15 miles an hour through downtown expressways with zero visibility. Never let it be said I don't have a sense of humor in a crisis. But I am here to report I actually made it here, unpacked the van, and now I sit comfortably reconstructing my life today.
Having everything you own in boxes certainly will make you acutely aware of what you actually need in life and what you "think" you need. Luckily, I have always been a pretty good packer so finding absolute essentials went pretty quickly. Got the computer up and running much faster than I expected, but haven't made a dent setting up the studio desk yet. But all is well here. I did want to thank the group of marvelous people that helped in no small way to make this a good transition for me. So thanks to Roger, Patty, Wade, Lori, Judy, and Genie. And thank you Genie for being so kind to me especially, I miss you already.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Another Inspirational Horoscope

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): "There can be no transformation of darkness into light and of apathy into movement without emotion," wrote psychologist Carl Jung. That should be your motto in the coming week, Libra. Clear thinking and impeccable logic will not be sufficient to guide you to your next great adventure. You need the driving force of succulent emotion rising up in your solar plexus, the lush power of raw sensitivity piercing your heart. Feel as deep as you dare.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Guess What I am Doing?

Packing, PacKing, PacKing
... and so on. I never like moving, but packing to move is a great way clear out what is needed and what needs to be discarded in life. Even though I don't have much stuff here in Texas, packing is still a chore. Just bear with me my friends as my life is currently under construction. :)
Had lunch with Bammy yesterday, and met her brand new red toy. Some people would call it an air compressor, and claim it is a much needed tool. But I am here to claim any big enameled, shiny metal thing that has a flip switch and a certain noise level is a toy, especially if it is RED. (LOL) It's OK Bammy, I think there may be a twelve step program for that. If not some femme out there should create one. In any case her house renovations are pretty impressive, with or without her new red toy. Thanks for a fun lunch and driving me around, it was a pleasure.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

The First of the Season

Today I saw a firefly. In a dusky half-light, driving down the street I saw one then another dancing across the lush lawns. My heart just lept into my throat with a little squeaky sound...weeeee! In a flash I was seeing fireflies as I did in hazy early summer months as a child, with the same intense delight.
When I moved to Alaska from Texas... oh, how I missed these little bugs. Long after I learned just how they were able to blink complicated messages to each other in lights, what processes they used, and the scientific facts of their short lives I still prefer seeing the magic of them. The delight found in the beauty of the unexplained, and tonight in some way this image like no other reminds me of what the core of faith is. Not to be caught in a complicated web of intellect and words, but to be experienced straight from the heart.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Runescape Addiction Update

This last weekend I made my goal of 50+ in every discipline on Runescape. No real new goals around playing the game now, the other "blissfully ignorant" goal I set in the beginning was really too much work. I find myself attracted to the crafting, magic, and cooking aspects more than any of the others as can be seen in my scores at this point. It has been suggested I sell my character on Ebay to some player wanting a leg up in the game. The thought of her being played by someone other than me feels kinda weird so it is very doubtful I would do that. Just a nice, solid little Runescape character for those days slaying dragons seems like a good idea :)

Monday, May 07, 2007

Boing, Boing........SPRING

Nothing beats the flowers available in Springtime. Thank you so much R for the beautiful reminder of this. Stargazer Lillies have always been a favorite, and these were particularly full and beautiful. :)

Busily packing and preparing for my move. The weather has been so stormy, cloudy almost every day with thunderstorms likely in the evenings. This was what Spring was like when I was a child in Texas, but the tornado action has been a little excessive this year. It is green and beautiful outside, but like a sauna about mid-day. But even at it's hottest, I am grateful for the rain. I remember last year, when everything looked and felt like an asphalt parking lot. No complaints from me this year.

Found a fabulous group of vintage beads for new bracelets in Illinois during my trip. So yesterday I cut them apart and started sorting them for new projects. Especially important since all my bracelets went to Seattle two weeks ago, and I always feel the need to make art when I'm in transition. In a way complicated, detail oriented work has always kept me focused.. ( I know Judy will remember the FIMO buttons so long ago in Alaska :) ) I am feeling a burst of creative vision, and I welcome it back. Spring has SPRUNG.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Two Tapping Terveen Jazz Babies

And if all the excitement of preparing for the prom wasn't enough, the very same night I was treated to the dance sensation of Amber and Ashley in their competition dance group. I tried to take pictures of the performance, but must leave that to the professionals as the sisters twirled and tap danced too fast for this aunt to catch on film. (LOL) I must say today as I upload all these beautiful, talented, and smart nieces how truly blessed I am to have such a collection. My sisters done good.>>wink<<

Let There be PROM

My favorite pictures of great High School events tend to be the candid shots taken before the "official" portraits begin. Here are two (and one half if you count the weenier dog Princess) of my favorite Beckmans as Maryssa posed in full prom regalia with Lauren. This was for her boyfriend's Junior Prom, her first. It was also her first strapless dress, a glorious red beaded satin, and she was adorable in it.
Of course Puggy Beckman had to have his picture taken with the prom dress too. :) Such a sweet and smart young woman, I am so very proud of her.

Last Soccer Game of the Season 0-0

I attended Crystal's last indoor soccer match of the season while in Illinois, and here she is in full glory. They played their hearts out, and the only near miss goal of the night was Crystal's. It is funny to experience a group of people chanting for her to score every time she has possession of the ball. I guess her reputation and general attitude of "Soccer Players Eat Their Dead" proceeds her. She is a pretty tough little goalie too, which really surprised me. It is a co-ed team, and the boys generally seem to steer clear of her most times. Very smart.(LOL) I love this kid!

Still Counting :)

257 Days since my final cigerette. I don't even crave them now when I am with others that are smoking socially. I am still taking Nicotene replacement, mainly for stress relief.

I will be updating my blog over the next few days. I find it almost impossible to write when I am traveling, especially with family because we spend so much time together. This is a good thing of course, but I do miss my blog on those occasions. I am definitely a blogger now, because everyday experiences now lead me to think...hmmm...should I blog about this? (LOL)

After much consideration, I finally made the decision to move, and I will be going to Houston at the end of this month. One step closer to Galveston, which is my ultimate goal at this point. The beach delights me and is very inspiring to me. I want to experience residing there in this lifetime. So the big wheel of the Universe turns once again. But today the wheel leads me to update my blog with pictures and fun things from my family trip. And to say "Hi" to all of you I adore. You know who you are :)