Monday, May 07, 2007

Boing, Boing........SPRING

Nothing beats the flowers available in Springtime. Thank you so much R for the beautiful reminder of this. Stargazer Lillies have always been a favorite, and these were particularly full and beautiful. :)

Busily packing and preparing for my move. The weather has been so stormy, cloudy almost every day with thunderstorms likely in the evenings. This was what Spring was like when I was a child in Texas, but the tornado action has been a little excessive this year. It is green and beautiful outside, but like a sauna about mid-day. But even at it's hottest, I am grateful for the rain. I remember last year, when everything looked and felt like an asphalt parking lot. No complaints from me this year.

Found a fabulous group of vintage beads for new bracelets in Illinois during my trip. So yesterday I cut them apart and started sorting them for new projects. Especially important since all my bracelets went to Seattle two weeks ago, and I always feel the need to make art when I'm in transition. In a way complicated, detail oriented work has always kept me focused.. ( I know Judy will remember the FIMO buttons so long ago in Alaska :) ) I am feeling a burst of creative vision, and I welcome it back. Spring has SPRUNG.

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