Thursday, May 17, 2007

The First of the Season

Today I saw a firefly. In a dusky half-light, driving down the street I saw one then another dancing across the lush lawns. My heart just lept into my throat with a little squeaky sound...weeeee! In a flash I was seeing fireflies as I did in hazy early summer months as a child, with the same intense delight.
When I moved to Alaska from Texas... oh, how I missed these little bugs. Long after I learned just how they were able to blink complicated messages to each other in lights, what processes they used, and the scientific facts of their short lives I still prefer seeing the magic of them. The delight found in the beauty of the unexplained, and tonight in some way this image like no other reminds me of what the core of faith is. Not to be caught in a complicated web of intellect and words, but to be experienced straight from the heart.

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