Saturday, May 19, 2007

Guess What I am Doing?

Packing, PacKing, PacKing
... and so on. I never like moving, but packing to move is a great way clear out what is needed and what needs to be discarded in life. Even though I don't have much stuff here in Texas, packing is still a chore. Just bear with me my friends as my life is currently under construction. :)
Had lunch with Bammy yesterday, and met her brand new red toy. Some people would call it an air compressor, and claim it is a much needed tool. But I am here to claim any big enameled, shiny metal thing that has a flip switch and a certain noise level is a toy, especially if it is RED. (LOL) It's OK Bammy, I think there may be a twelve step program for that. If not some femme out there should create one. In any case her house renovations are pretty impressive, with or without her new red toy. Thanks for a fun lunch and driving me around, it was a pleasure.

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Bammy said...

Awww Laura Belle.. the pleasure was all mine!!! Even though you didnt quite actually "get" the swoon over my shiney new red thing.. hahahha.. It's ok..
I am tickled that you drove all they way.. err umm.. yeah straight here to see me and spend some time before you trod off to that city that swallows people up and you never hear from them again..You do know.. don't you.. that it realyy isn't paret of Texas right?? Im just sayin...
And yall.. I now have the COLORS for my house!! All they way down to the bathroom!! yay!!!! I think I am color challenged.. lol..
Thank you and god speed my friend*