Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Maybe I should rename my blog?

ALL DOODLE...ALL THE TIME (LOL) No...won't be doing that, I will get back to blogging about something other than Doodle or food sometime soon (hopefully). But I did want to say thank you to the friend (who wishes to remain anonymous) who sent us the fabulous Leopard Carpetbag "Doodle Carrier" that arrived today. Doodle especially likes that he has his own vinyl lined pocket in it. Now he thinks we need to go on a trip...maybe we should be planning one. :)


Anonymous said...

How far you have that baby hanging in the air ? Hmmmmmmmm? And, a lovely painted piece of furniture. You paint that?

Laura Belle said...

Don't worry, Doodle was hanging about 24" above the floor for his photo-OP, and I had a laundry hamper under him just in case. The cabinet is an antique painted religious story cabinet from India. I think it was painted in 1920-30, and has been my dresser for several years.

Godinla said...

That bag screams Doodle. How've you been, sweetheart? Haven't talked to you in a while. You must be fine if Doodle's looking so happy.

Laura Belle said...

Hi Brian..
Hanging in there, but not in a cushy leopard bag like Doodle (LOL) Feeling out of place in rural America, but making the best of it. :/
And you??? How goes it on the left coast?


Godinla said...

I'm fine. Well, fine enough. You know how that thing called life is. I blogged about you today, to make you feel more "in place."

Kris Cahill said...

Hi Laura Belle,
I come to you by way of God. Anyway, today I blogged about Rob Sreszny and I see you have a link to him on your blog. Which is totally fun, and I love your puppy! That bag rocks, and I agree that a trip is in order.