Thursday, August 30, 2007

You never know...

...what you will find at an Illinois auction. I can't believe there are actually people that live here and never go to auctions! I got back in the swing of it yesterday, and bought several things for resale. But this little 50's Chinese Figurine set stays with me. I priced this set of early 50's Shawnee Chinese figurines with detachable baskets for my oriental collection last time I was in Seattle and the pair was $45.00. Yesterday I found them sitting in the middle of a huge auction trailer, in pristine condition, and purchased them for $6.00. I have come to believe about 50% of antiques on Ebay at this point are from Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri auctions. This particular auction also had unbelievable furniture deals, and I am watching out for pieces to repaint. I couldn't bare to paint real antiques, but old wooden furniture is plentiful here and so I am on the lookout for 40's and 50's naive pieces to paint. I'll keep my progress posted :)

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