Saturday, October 31, 2009

Why I love that Red-Haired Woman

I watched her very closely. I saw all those weird dog costumes she looked at at Petsmart. God help me, there were fairies, pumpkins, clown costumes, even a "gulp" doggie taco. She would look at them and then look at me...I knew she was visualizing every goofy frill on me. But this is how much she loves me..(or how bad she felt last year for dressing me as a hot dog). I got a new sweater for Halloween. No pirate hat, or devil horns for me. A nice dignified dog sweater. Yeah, the turtleneck is a little over the top, but considering how she could have dressed me I won't complain. Especially with a mouth full of Halloween yogurt doggie treat. WOOF!

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