Monday, June 30, 2008

It's That Time of Year Again...

.... and truly, it begs the question "Why do we bother to outlaw them?" I say this because my family members are generally good law abiding citizens. They keep within the speed limit, go to church on Sundays, keep the majority of kink in the bedroom, and volunteer. But the minute an illegal fireworks stand opens it's doors in the states of Indiana , Missouri, or Tennessee they sneak across the border in the dead of night and buy huge bags of somewhat dubious fireworks for their Forth of July Pyrotechnic pleasure. At a party where there will be, undoubtedly, massive quantities of beer present, they will risk their very lives and limbs on this show every year. Here is just a sampling of the $300 (Hopefully funds not going to the white slave or heroin underground) worth of fireworks for this year's celebration. It makes me giggle and roll my eyes at their illicit rebellion. (LOL) But I do have a date with with this year's new "Frog Prince" fire ball on the fourth, here's hoping I maintain my ten digit status.


Cedar said...

Americans just like to blow crap up. It's in our genes somewhere.

R said...

If you love America
and hate mannequins,
this video is for you
An important (and hilarious) holiday message.