Monday, August 28, 2006

(12) October 5, 1967 The Year I was a "Jock"

1967: First Class Stamp $0.05 cents
"RAT FINK" invades Gumball Machines everywhere
Elvis and Priscilla get married in Las Vegas
"Magical Mystery Tour" and "Sgt. Pepper' Lonely Hearts Club Band" from the Beatles
Jim Morrison and the Doors appear on Ed Sullivan and "go higher"
WACKY PACKS introduced (Yipppeeee!)
US Astronauts Grissom, White, and Chaffee die in a fire on the Apollo
"The Summer of LOVE"
I have never been all that interested in sports. I was the brainy always "writing , reading, or drawing" kid that gets picked dead last in group sports. But the summer I was eleven my best friend was Sue Ellen, who lived in the house behind me. She was a serious tomboy a year older than I who was the only girl in a house full of boys, and she rocked my world. We would have been very unlikely friends, but that was the summer we found we had a common interest in drawing. She liked to draw drag racers and "Rat Finks" on her book covers, and I showed her how to improve them with shading and perspective. In return, she was bound and determined to teach me how to play volleyball and "ring net" (a similar game with no ball but a hard rubber ring tossed over a net.) All summer long we played and played this, and even though I was never as good as she was I did improve. And when I returned to school in the Fall all of the sudden I was a volleyball star! The one and only time in my life I excelled in any form of athletics. And I guess we all know where my admiration for tomboys led. :)

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