Sunday, August 20, 2006

(4) October 5, 1959 In Search of the "Outie"

1959: One Gallon of Gasoline $0.25
The Guggenheim Museum Opens in NYC
Barbie is Born!
Alaska admitted into statehood
"Jiffy Pop" introduced
I was about three when I became obsessed with belly buttons. I understand all children do this, and it is a natural stage of development. I was a little extreme in my quest. My mother was single and dating at the time, and I felt a true measure of the men in her life was seeing their belly buttons. I would crawl up on the lap of perfect strangers and demand to see a belly button, and start working to remove any clothing that got in the way before they could even answer. My mother told many stories of how perfectly unflappable men fell into my trap, and more often then not they could not refuse me. I am happy to report I have outgrown this...but not by much. Belly buttons beware!

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