Saturday, August 19, 2006

Get thee behind me SATAN....

Here I am again...quitting smoking. I've hated smoking for a while...absolutely hated the feeling of being addicted to them. In the beginning when I smoked Dunhill menthols they were sexy and the smoke curled so beautifully in the sunshine streaming through the studio window in Commerce, Texas. I even had rhinestone studded cigarette holders that punctuated a conversation nicely. I can attest to how sexy it always is in the beginning. But when it gets past the novelty, and becomes a driving force, it is awful. I have quit several times in my life, but the siren cigarette always calls back in times of deep stress. My mother's death last year started me down that road again, and on the anniversary of her death I decided to once again walk away from the fervid embrace of this addictive monster. My compassion as always for everyone who finds some measure of comfort in addiction and is struggling to stop it as well.

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