Sunday, August 06, 2006

Artist Alter of Intention : (23) Vintage Jewish Mezuzah Keychain

As stated before, all religions find a place on my alter. Traditionally you will find mezuzahs on the doorposts of traditional Jewish homes. It is a constant reminder of God's presence and God's mitzvot, and brings great blessings and protection to those that display them. Beautifully rendered, this is a very old one I found on a keychain, and it has a tiny scroll inside. I studied Jewish cerermonial art for several years, and I have always appreciated the tradition of craftmanship in these religious pieces. This is another reminder to me that all faith, when practiced from it's true spiritual core with an eye to the reality of modern life, is valid. I know this is an odd way of thinking. My experience in life, as a daughter of a woman that did not believe in anything she could not understand past her own perception and reason, lead me to study faith extensively to find my own answers. The more I studied, the more core similarities I found in most major religious disciplines. It is the true measure of tolerance I think; respect for all true spiritual belief.

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