Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Seeing through future eyes tonight...

Today was a hard, strange day. It is almost impossible to view the conditions changing around us in the world and not give into fear some days. When every blip in oil production brings spiraling increase, when the Middle East looks to be in such turmoil and on the edge of war. When the President of the United States looks to be positioning this country to be under marshal law at some future date, and respect for our government at an all time low around the world. I sometimes think this must have been how the regular people of the Soviet Union felt before the fall of their top heavy out-of-control government. No voice, no hope of changing the rules that governed their lives. I have always tried to act locally and think globally in my political activism and life, but the forward view has shifted to such an extent that even I, the eternal optimist, can only see the dark clouds gathering. And what terrifies me the most, absolutely, is the knowledge that the young that traditionally follow in protest and social revolution are numbed to the extent they don't think there is even the possibility of any change from this course. Tonight, as I sit here writing this, I can only write what I my heart is saying to me. Just a small prayer that keeps repeating like a mantra. God help us.

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