Thursday, August 17, 2006

(1) October 5,1956 Baltimore Maryland

1956: First Class Stamp $0.03 cents
Minimum Wage $1.00
Elvis Presley introduces "Heartbreak Hotel"
Board Game "YAHTZEE" introduced

Yes,I truly was born in Baltimore Maryland. It was a terrible accident, as my born and bred Texas mother was there teaching Microbiology at John Hopkin's. Nothing is quite as embarrassing as being raised in an old Santa Anna land grant Texas family and having to admit this out loud. Now I have been to Baltimore, seen where I lived the first month of my life, and eaten heavenly soft shelled crabs there. Baltimore really seems like a lovely city. It is just the principle...a true Texan should be born somewhere within the confines of the state. I guess I have "overcompensated" for this unfortunate turn of events all my life.

Luckily, my mother had the decency to drag me back in November 1956 to Texas, where there was a welcome home party and I was formally named by my great grandfather "Laura Belle." (Supposedly in Spanish this means "beautiful flower.") It is family legend that we arrived in Love Field (a local airport in Dallas) in the middle of a gathering storm that brought tornados within hours of my arrival, and while he was alive my grandfather never let me forget it. When happy I was his "bouncy little twister", when angry I became his "tornado hellion." I believe in signs in life, and being likened to weather conditions has stuck on me since birth. No wonder I am sometimes considered a force of nature.

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