Tuesday, August 22, 2006

(6) October 5, 1961 Barbie Shoes

1961: First Class Stamp $0.04 cents
"West Side Story" Film debut
Lonely no more: Barbie gets a date: KEN
"Fritos Brand" Corn Chips are introduced..And soon came Frito Pie
Judy Garland performs her "comeback" concert at Carnegie Hall
This is a picture of my grandparents and all their grandchildren in 1961. I am the blond sitting next to my grandmother in the attractive 1960's shirtwaist dress. Notice how daintily I have crossed my feet, I had early training in being a lady. I was my grandmother's favorite, and she told me so all the time, even though she practiced equality with her entire brood (that numbered 21 eventually). I think this was because I was always around her in my early childhood, and I had an artistic temperament that appealed to her French sensibility.
It was about age four I started drawing, and I drew a lot. I became obsessed with drawing Barbie shoes of all things, and I would draw pages and pages of little high heeled shoes. I practiced and practiced, and to this day I can draw a classic Barbie pump in under a minute flat. Just like riding a bicycle without training wheels, it never leaves once it is mastered.

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