Thursday, August 10, 2006

A "Stranger than Fiction" Reality Moment

It started about mid July. My roommate Genie was well aware of it, since I had discussed it with her at length, and over the few weeks or so it seemed to be building. I would call it "baseless dread" for lack of better terminology. The last two weeks it seemed especially bad, and I was doing my best to write myself through it in my personal journal. The last time I felt it this strongly was in August of 2001, four weeks before 9-11, and I did tell Genie it felt just like that. Just a "hinkie" feeling that something terrible was coming, feeling agitated and powerless to stop it. Then yesterday evening, after actually forcing myself to go to the movie "World Trade Center" it seemed to break a little, and I had the best sleep last night I have had in weeks.
Imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning to the news from Great Britain. A massive terrorist plot using air travel as weapons foiled overnight. Genie greeted me this morning with the news, and told me she is convinced these feelings I was having obviously were premonition of some sort. All I know is this morning I feel relieved, like a great weight has been lifted.
Now, tie this in with something that has been in my life so long I hardly even think about it anymore. Airplane Crash dreams. It is a well documented fact (Judy, Roger.. I know you remember I do this) that when I dream of an airplane crash, a major one does within days of the dream. For years we marveled at this as a funny coincidence, but now, taking everything into consideration, maybe it is more than that. Am I somehow hooked into the general consciousness around air flight danger and being given premonitions around it? Just to write this sounds vaguely paranoid and "get out the aluminum beanie" kinda strange, but I am left this morning to wonder about this. Maybe there are people that are like "canaries in a cage" who sense these things coming. All I know is this morning I am grateful and relieved on some primal level. And left with more questions then answers. Just a typical day in the life of Laura Belle.

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