Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Mom,It only costs 50 cents !!!

This is an example of how "small town" my residence in Texas is. I see this little kid amusement ride truck everytime I stop in the local grocery store, a tradition of days long past. I am sure I was not the only child parked at an outdoor amusement ride when their mother went grocery shopping, and these would never show up at Super Walmart now. Too much of a loss leader when you want the kids screaming and begging for products inside the store. Thought I would stash these photos on my blog to remember grocery store rides as I am sure someday these will no longer exist. (BTW...When taking these pictures this morning I actually rode this modern version. It kinda freaked out the store personnel, but what the HELL...I'd have gotten that 50 cents outta somebody and ridden it as a kid! I am happy to report it bumped and grinded and made a little "varrroom" sound. Not as satisfying as Disneyland but well worth 50 cents.)

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