Wednesday, August 23, 2006

(7) October 5, 1962 "POP" goes the Sinclair Dinosaur

1962: First Class Stamp $0.04 cents
Marilyn Monroe dies in her home.
The term "personal computer" first appeared in the media.
Here come "The Jetson's"
John Glenn orbits the earth.
I spent the summer when I was five years old in Galveston, Texas with my Great Aunt "Boojy" for the first time. ( So named because some child could not pronounce the name "Ruth" and it stuck) She was a retired painter that lived in Galveston, and I learned to love art through her. I also learned to swim like a fish. My uncle Bill lived and worked in Houston as a petroleum engineer, and he would drive over for visits on the weekends, always bearing gifts. My favorite was an inflatable plastic Sinclair Gasoline Dinosaur Promo, that when blown up seemed as big as I was. Sinclair was the perfect beach toy and I spent many sun soaked days riding him in the ocean. On one of Uncle Bill's weekend visits, Sinclair popped. I cried like I had lost my only true and best friend. Trying to patch him, consoling me at his demise...nothing worked. So my uncle drove around to every Sinclair gasoline station within a 50 mile radius to find and replace my dinosaur in the dead of night. I found this photo on eBay to show what my dead Sinclair looked like. Thanks Uncle Bill for this sweet memory. I loved you even when you became a Republican later in life. :)

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