Friday, August 18, 2006

(2) October 5,1957 Walking with Snerdly

1957: Gallon of Gasoline $0.24 cents
Tang Breakfast Drink Introduced
Ann Bannon first publishes "Odd Girl Out"
Soviet Union launches first "Sputnik"
Pink Flamingos Hit Store Shelves
So in 1957 I actually learned to walk. I learned at 13 months, because I had a little help. My grandfather had this large dog named "Snerdly." As I remember he was a short haired yellow dog, and some sort of Lab mix. Of course Snerdly looked as big as a horse to me. I learned that if I grabbed his tail and he would drag my baby walker slowly across the room, and I figured out if I stood on my feet we'd go faster. And then we'd even go faster still if I walked along. So poor Snerdly drug me around like that for weeks, until I started to walk on my own. It is a wonder he didn't bite me, or even snarl. It must have been an embarrassing HELL in front of his doggy friends.
Picture his indignity: poor distinguished older dog grasped firmly by the tail followed everywhere he went by a blond baby in a frilly dress and tiny white shoes. If that wasn't bad enough, I am sure the little bells tied in my shoelaces that announced to the world we were coming gave him no peace.
Snerdly, I am sure you made doggy heaven honey. Or maybe even doggy saint for this. You deserved it.

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