Saturday, August 26, 2006

(10) October 5, 1965 Queen of the Weenie Mobile

1965: First Class Stamp $0.05 cents
Mattel introduces "Creeple People Maker" and "Little Kiddles"
"The Girl From Ipanema," Stan Getz and Astrud Gilberto (Still a great song!)
"Green Acres" is the place to be
Danger, Danger Will Robinson...It's "Lost in Space"
And just like everybody else "I Dream of Genie"
This was the year of the Oscar Meyer Weenie Mobile. At least it was for me, since it sat parked in front of my grandparents home for almost two weeks while my grandfather installed a new sound system for the multimedia production inside. The original weenie mobile was more of an interactive children's ride instead of the corporate RV it is today. It was small and dark when entered like a space capsule, seating about six children in front of a small movie screen. Considering this was a corporate icon the advertising part of the film was minimal (that would never happen now), just an animated commercial for, what else, hot dogs. But the actual film was about the magical world of space travel. I was a very popular girl during this time, as rumor of said weenie mobile spread through my neighborhood friends like wildfire and they all wanted to visit it. I must have seen the film inside at least 10 times with friends during that two weeks.
Funny thing is, all through my life I have seen different types of weenie mobiles in different places and times, in wildly different settings (including broken down on the side of a freeway in Seattle...Judy will vouch for me) but they all pale in comparison to the vintage weenie mobile with the movie inside.

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