Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Artist Alter of Intention : (32) Buddha Porcelain Sculpture

I found this little porcelain Buddha at a garage sale in San Antonio, Texas. There he sat on a table of old figurines, between a porcelain clown music box and a frilly French doll. He looked so forlorn and sad there, in that jumble of miscellaneous nic-naks. I do have some respect for representations of faith, and I knew at once I would rescue him from his fate as a chotski. I would find a place on my alter where he could find a home again. And he seems happy enough here. Until I am gone and he is once again jumbled in a box with other nic-naks at my own final garage sale. At the very least he won't suffer the indignity of clown figurines and dolls with mine, as I have few of those.

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