Sunday, August 27, 2006

(11) October 5, 1966 Boots a "Go-Go"

1966: First Class Stamp $0.05 cents
GI Joe "Space Capsule" and Twister introduced
Truman Capote's Black and White Ball - dubbed The Party of the
Century - is held in New York City.
Jacqueline Susann has her first novel, "Valley of the Dolls" published
Sniper Charles Whitman kills 13 at the University of Texas
"Star Trek" and "Dark Shadows" debut

For my tenth birthday I got a package from far away England, the epicenter of cool. My great Aunt Booji was there, studying with a famous portrait painter, and she'd heard from a little birdie I would die for real "Go-Go" boots. And there they were, little white leather ones with slim heels the came to just above my ankles. I am sure they were available in America somewhere, but these came from England and it made them that much more special. I loved those boots, and when I wore my wrap dresses, chain link shoulder purse and bangle bracelets you'd have thought had arrived straight from Carnaby Street after having lunch with "Twiggy." I finally wore them out after several years, but will always remember their little pointy toes and the "click-click" of their heels fondly.

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