Thursday, August 03, 2006

Artist Alter of Intention : (17) Space Needle Cube

Ahhhh...the vintage Space Needle Lucite cube. This was a vintage World's Fair item, and since I left Seattle to parts unknown it has been on my alter to represent my old home. There will always the place you grew up, your childhood home, and then there is the home of your adult life. Seattle was the place I actually "grew up" and became an adult in, so it will always be a meaningful and beautiful place to me, filled with fond memories and friends.
As a child I was always fascinated with "things inside of things" so I have always been attracted to little embedded lucite pieces. Probably why I am also fascinated with glass lampworking as well. Don't know why this is, probably because I wondered in my childlike way how things got in "there". Now I am an adult, and know full well how they do. But they still hold magic for me.

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