Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I am still a non-smoker today. :)

My cigarette fog is finally lifting, and I can actually think and write some today. I had to cancel my trip to Houston this weekend because of illness, and I was a little disappointed in that. My body is detoxing with a vengeance. But I am very happy I've reached day 6 without smoking and it is getting a little easier. I have a lot of things to deal with that have piled up and I'll spend the weekend dealing with some pressing issues. And continuing my creative projects and blogging of course.
This morning I could smell my toast cooking. This may not seem very impressive to anyone with a functional nose, but it was a real shock to me. Even with the low amount of cigarettes I did smoke I obviously deadened my sense of smell somewhat, and this morning it seemed to come back in a whoosh. So I am feeling the urge to clean everything I come in contact with now to rid any smell of smoke. I love smells, and now that it's coming back I want to remember what things smell like without the smoke fog.
Genie is doing very well too, and is going away this next week to work for "smoking" (but sympathetic to her quitting) family. I am going to surprise her with some homemade Snickerdoodle cookies before she leaves, and tell her to eat one everytime she gets a craving at their house. Neither of us has had the munchies associated with quitting, but both find cinnamon helps in some way cut the craving. I just think if she has cinnamon cookies to look forward to when she feels crazed she will be able to know someone is supporting her to quit. I am crossing my fingers for her, as this is a difficult thing to do.
Thanks to everybody that has been supporting me in this. I never want to go through this again, so I promise I am well on my way to being a non-smoker.

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