Monday, September 11, 2006

Watching 9-11 SPIN

The spin I am watching today orchestrated by our administration to commemorate the five year anniversary of the 9-11 terrorist bombings in New York, Pennsylvania, and at the Pentagon is indeed sickening. Solemn faced, placing wreaths, and using the occasion to drill home their complete commitment to an ill advised and deceptive war on a nation not directly involved in the attack. George Bush will even have a televised speech tonight, and that with the airing of the final installment to "The Path to 9-11" should keep the Republican "sheeple" happy and make great photo ops for the next election. I know I am just dismissed as a "pansy-assed" liberal most times, but watching this sham of patriotism makes my blood boil. I have been told for years to face the fact that this was indeed where this country was headed, and maybe it is. But it is going there without my consent or approval, tacit or otherwise. Today I find, five years after the fact, the actual perpetrators of 9-11 still out there sending their own spin video tapes, retribution misdirected at another country over misleading and false "intelligence", and the only real suffering that which has been inflicted on the families of 9-11 by associating their loss with this sham and the grief over American soldiers lost in this action.
Indeed, it is a dark day in the history of this country, but for more reasons than one.

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