Tuesday, September 26, 2006

(45) October 5, 2000 A Message from my Grandmother

2000: First Class Stamp $0.34 cents
The peak of the Dot-com bubble
Seattle's Kingdome implodes to make way for Qwest Field
Rare astrology conjunction consisted of: the Sun and Moon,
Mercury Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn
Santana released " Supernatural "
Prince plays his classic song 1999 to celebrate the new century in NYC,
and then vows to never play it again..
Supreme Court seals Bush victory by 5-4
"O'Brother, Where Art Thou" and "Chocolat" in theaters
"Survivor" debuts on CBS
This year found me in San Antonio. Texas has always been a "weigh" station for me in some respects, a place I return to when I need to contemplate and find new direction. I worked diligently on my health problems that year, and enjoyed my solitude, especially after the whirlwind of the years in Seattle. It was a completely different culture, and I spent some time traveling on my own and really enjoying being steeped once again in the Hispanic way of life. Being the grandchild of a somewhat famous white "curador de mujer sabio," and being concerned with my health that year, I went with a Spanish speaking friend to consult a local "Curcandera" in San Antonio to inquire of my fate. This amazing old woman gave me tea and cookies, and then told me she recognized me through my grandmother. As a young woman she had known my grandmother well, and had studied healing arts informally with her for a while. Then she produced a crudely carved staff given to her by my grandmother, and this she gave to me. The friend I took along and I were completely shocked by this turn of events. We never did talk about why I was visiting her or my ailments, but I have come to realize that she was surely a message from my grandmother to me. It is indeed a small world in many ways and on many different levels.

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