Thursday, September 14, 2006

(29) October 5, 1984 Ladies Room

1984: First Class Stamp $0.20 cents
"Where's the BEEF?" the big question
The first Apple Macintosh goes on sale.
Madonna was "Like a Virgin"
"Ghost Busters" released in Theaters
"Miami Vice" debuts on television
1984 Summer Olympics in L.A.
Michael Jackson goes up in flames for Pepsi
"The Terminator," The Pope of Greenwich Village"
and "Amadeus" in theaters
The Centers for Disease and Prevention urges
abstention from intravenous drug use and shared needles
3,504 AIDS Deaths in the USA
The second year of intense magazine work found me in an interesting living situation. I moved into a huge Victorian house with two other artists, one photographer, and one psychology major. Of course, they were all men, and I was lone woman. I lived in the top floor on the second story, where we had set up a huge shared studio area. My room was tiny, not much bigger than a closet, and so short it could not take a regular sized mattress. I slept curled in a ball for an entire year, and my roommates called this "the ladies room." Funny thing was, this was an amazing experience, as we all worked long hours and found much inspiration in each other. Since I lived upstairs, when everyone was off to bed I would stay up and make art late into the night and the guys would always come upstairs in the morning to see what the "art fairies" had delivered overnight. We were great inspiration to each other as artists, and I learned how to make the perfect Kraft Mac & Cheese from a box. (It's a two person job according to Bruce) This situation taught me a valuable lesson in life, that we are all individual puddles, and when resources overlap it makes all the puddles involved bigger and better.

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