Friday, September 08, 2006

(22) October 5, 1977 Birthday Champagne

1977: First Class Stamp $0.13 cents
Anita (Bryant) "I am in Heaven Already" T-shirt was my favorite
Retrospective of Frida Kahlo's works at the
Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes, Mexico City
Elvis leaves the building for the last time
"Saturday Night Fever" opens, ushering in DISCO
"STAR WARS" dominates the box office
"The Shining" by Stephen King published
Apple II Computers go on sale
Studio 54 Opens in NYC
Finally twenty one! A rite of passage in Texas, as this was the year it became legal for me to drink. I was never that impressed with drinking luckily, abhor the taste of beer to this day, so my friends decided that to celebrate they would take me to dinner at the Fairmont Hotel in Dallas. So we all dressed up and drove into town, anticipating a lovely dinner to celebrate. The meal seemed to go on and on, different courses and such, and when dessert came I was presented with a magnum of champagne. Now, the funny thing was, it shocked everyone attending because no one had ordered champagne, and you can only imagine what that would cost a group of college students at the Fairmont. When the waiter offered to serve, my friend Lisa told him there was some mistake, no champagne had been ordered. He then informed us that it was a gift from a gentleman also dining that evening. We accepted it, and an older gentleman stopped by our table later to congratulate me on my birthday. He had overheard our conversation, and realized celebrating it was why we were there. He went on to explain it was also his deceased mother's birthday, and he saw us and thought it was the perfect opportunity to honor her by honoring us.
So wherever you are out there, you were certainly a gentleman that evening, and made a beautiful memory of this occasion all these years later. I never forgot this, my first brush with the kindness of a stranger.

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