Sunday, September 24, 2006

(40) October 5, 1995 Miracle on 18th Street, Fremont

1995: First Class Stamp $0.32 cents
O.J.Simpson is found not guilty of double murder
Oklahoma City Federal Building Bombed
DVD Optical Disc Storage Media Format is announced
"The Sweetest Taboo" -Sade
EBAY founded in California.
"Toy Story" First Computer Generated Animated Film
SELENA is murdered in Corpus Christi
"Boys on the Side" and "Dolores Claiborne" released in theaters
Greg Louganis, an Olympic diving medalist, revealed that he has AIDS. .
53,769 AIDS Deaths in the USA
Being the activist and idealist I always was, of course I carved some of the profits from my business and donated to various causes in my community. Additionally this was the year I was asked to participate as an artist /designer in the "Miracle on 18th Street" miniature golf course in Fremont, and I was honored to do so. Eighteen artists and businesses in Seattle designed miniature golf holes that were played through the weekend and then sold at the end and all proceeds were donated to Bailey-Boushay Hospice House in Seattle. Other entrants that year included SUB POP, The Seattle Symphony, The Set Crew of Northern Exposure, ENTROS, and even Muszak was involved. I was the only female artist included, and I actually built (with the generous participation of Bob Kramer and J.) a double sided alterpiece, with the Virgin Mary kicking up her skirt on one side and Kali the destroyer with her many arms and swords whacking at golf balls on the other.(LOL) It actually sold for the highest price paid for a golf hole as art that year, and it now resides somewhere in Austin, Texas. It still sets me to giggling that it is still out there as someone's bizarre lawn art.

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