Monday, September 11, 2006

(25) October 5, 1980 Even WORSE...Roller Disco

1980: First Class Stamp $0.15 cents
U.S. Boycotts the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow
Who shot J. R. ? (Texan's favorite answer: Cullen shot J.R.)
Eddie Murphy joins Saturday Night Live
"Call me" released by Blondie
"Xanadu" and OMG...Roller Disco
Mount Saint Helens erupts in Washington State
John Lennon Shot outside the Dakota Apartment Building in NYC
Yes, roller disco. Again, I am almost embarrassed to admit I actually did this. I had always enjoyed roller skating as a kid, and this was just an excuse to once a week to a rink and roll around and around until we were dizzy.
I had my first brush with mortality this year, and had surgery for a congenital problem with my gall bladder of all things. This memory stands out in my mind, because I have a strange memory of coming to in the recovery room and begging the nurse on duty for my glasses (I have worn glasses since I was four years old) so I could actually see. They had been removed for surgery, and it is the practice of most surgery units to do this as a safety measure. Everything was fuzzy and in my drugged state I was very upset that I couldn't see and this is the first time I remember being really terrified as an adult. I have dreamed of this situation since, so I know I was deeply traumatized by it. I passed right back out, and woke up with my glasses sometime later in my hospital room.
Roller skating was prescribed to help me heal my stomach muscles after surgery, so I really did have a note from my doctor, honest. (LOL)

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