Friday, September 29, 2006

(47) October 5, 2002 More Diamonds in the Dreck

2002: First Class Stamp $0.37 cents
U.S. President George W. Bush signs the
Homeland Security Act into law
Snipers prey upon DC suburbs, killing ten and wounding others
North Korea admits to developing nuclear arms in defiance of treaty
Gay Canadian teenager Marc Hall is is allowed
to attend his high school prom with his boyfriend.
"American Idol" premieres on FOX
"Six Feet Under" debuts on HBO
HIV is leading cause of death worldwide, among those aged 15-59
This year found me with my family in Illinois dealing with my mother's ailments and working the Illinois auction circuit with my sister. We concentrated on purchasing what we knew well from estates (like 30-50's ceramics, Nippon ceramics, 50's toys and kisch items, and of course costume jewelry) and selling it on Ebay. It was surprising how often we actually found real jewelry in the mix, and at one auction we actually unearthed a $10,300.00 diamond, sapphire, and platinum brooch we purchased for $20.00. It was really fun to do auctions during this time, and I learned a lot about the antique and collectible market. I tended to be the one that bid when we attended, because I have nerves of steel and a poker face in such situations, and my background and knowledge in design really came to play here. But most precious of all to me was, during this time, I was around my nieces when they were small. We got to know each other much better as people and I was not just the "crazy aunt" that arrived at Christmas. A much needed and healing dose of kid energy. :)

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