Monday, September 11, 2006

(26) October 5, 1981 Masquerade Hunt

1981: First Class Stamp $0.18 cents
Iranian Hostages released minutes
after Ronald Reagan took office as president
MTV is launched
First Female Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Conner
Who could ever forget "Mommie Dearest"?
Walter Cronkite signs off the news for the last time
"Raiders of the Lost Arc" and "Time Bandits" in theaters
Lady Diana Spencer marries Charles, Prince of Wales
The Centers for Disease and Prevention report
five homosexual men in L.A. have a rare form of pneumonia
121 "Gay" Cancer Deaths in the USA
This was the year "Masquerade" was published in the United States by Kit Williams, and I was mesmerized by his artwork. A written and richly illustrated children's book, it spawned a number of articles and books on the "Masquerade" phenomenon worldwide as folks all over the world looked for real treasure.
Masquerade told the story of the Moon falling in love with the Sun, and how he calls on the help of a hare called Jack to deliver a fabulous jewel to his true love as a token of his affection. Hidden within the story was a master riddle, which when solved directed the reader to the exact location of a real 22 carat gold hare necklace buried somewhere in the British Isles. I was involved in a weekly study group at the time working diligently to decipher this book. Of course we did not find the hidden necklace, but study of this book lead me to intense study in visual symbolism that I still have an interest in to this day. And of course started my life long appreciation of Kit Williams as an artist and visionary.

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