Tuesday, September 26, 2006

NOT a birthday Blog...(LOL)

Boy, if you ever want to gain perspective on your life, just choose and write a memory about every year of it leading up to a big birthday. A lot of work has gone into this, and reflection as well. I guess people are generally too busy living day to day to see patterns and dramatic shifts in their lives, and this exercise has been very enlightening to me on a personal level. To see where something began, how attitudes and society shifted, how things ended that seemed abrupt at the time in such a linear way has been a true gift. I have worried this would all be too self indulgent, but heck, it's my BLOG...it should be reflective of what I am thinking, feeling, experiencing in life at the time, right? This birthday has brought me to a big turning point in my life, and not knowing just what this means or what it look like yet, it does help to reflect on where I've been.
At lunch at a chinese food restaurant today, I got a fortune cookie fortune that said this " The finest structure can house the worst evil." I have been collecting fortunes from fortune cookies since the mid-eighties and I've never gotten one like this one. Gives one pause considering the current political climate, and given the culture's obsession with how things "look" and how little substance is truly valued. I think how must Walden have felt in his time, or other great writers and artists in theirs. So many distractions, so little true solitude available to most people. It is a wonder PROZAC isn't available in vending machines.
A beautiful day in Texas, bright, clear with a kiss of fall in the air. Finds me musing on the Universe and the meaning of life again. Like this is something new. :)

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