Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Dragging in from PRIDE: Sunday Blog Diary

Sunday morning it was drizzling. Try as we might to be positive, it was pretty clear it might actually rain on our parade. Everyone was groggy and tired from the debauchery of the night before, and distracted by the fact rooms must be cleared at the hotel before attending the Pride parade. Now, we had made arrangements to meet Risley's friend Pam for breakfast, and even though our spirits were more than willing, our flesh was definitely on the weak-ish side. (LOL) I called her, hoping an extra hour would give us all enough time to become functional, and she very graciously rescheduled at the last minute. Genie and I scrambled around trying to tie up our loose ends, but it did became apparent the entire group just could not get away to attend at the same time. Pam arrived, met the entire groggy group, then Elf and I escorted her to breakfast.
Some people might be a little intimidated, meeting the "Texas Five" en masse with no prior warning, but Pam took it all in stride. Of course, any friend of "the Monkey" was a friend of ours, and Genie and I really enjoyed her humor and conversation. Mackie arrived, and we all chatted as if we'd known each other forever. We also heard some very interesting stories about Risley that good taste once again prevents me from disclosing. Your secrets are safe with us Monkey. For a price. (LOL)
OK. Now the funny part.::::sigh::::: Well, ummm...see, I have a new cell phone. Even though some parts of me are definitely goddess-like, my life description does not really include "technical and mechanical ability." I still can't program a VCR, much less this tiny cell phone. After excusing myself to the ladies room I met Pam on her way in, and I promptly arrived back at the table and decided to call Lisa and Dottie to check on their arrival in Pam's absence. The phone was answered by a sexy southern drawl:

"Hello, didya miss me?"<--the voice

"Baby, how could I not? You know I can never get enough of you" <--me, teasing and drawling back
"Well you could wait until I get back to the table darlin' " <--OMG.... it was Pam

I turned beet red and practically fell on the floor. I have never seen Mackie and Genie laughing as hard as they did this very minute, as it became painfully obvious to everyone that I had hit redial instead of Lisa and Dottie's number and had gotten Pam in the bathroom instead. I think I stammered some sort of apology, if I didn't I offer one now. I do remember slamming that phone shut like it was on fire. Pam, you'll just have to trust this is not my habit on meeting someone, but I do understand if there will always be some doubt. (LOL) You were very kind, and didn't tease me too badly upon your return. I appreciate that. :)
After taking pictures of this momentous event we said goodbye to Pam and Mackie, and when Dottie and Lisa arrived off to the Pride Parade we went. The drizzle had turned to bona fide rain at this point, but we figured if the drag queens could do it with their mascara running, then so could we. None of us seemed in that much danger of actually melting. Even in the rain, the crowd was huge, all colors, ages, and flavors. Dottie made it to the front of the barricade, where she got the best view possible of the event. Genie's favorite part was the beginning, when Lupe Valdez, Dallas County's first female, Hispanic, and openly lesbian elected sheriff walked down the middle of the street in full police uniform, happy and proud as any lesbian there to the cheers of those assembled. Of course PFLAG was there, Dykes on Bikes (Va-rooom), men from the Bear community, all the usual bases covered. My favorite part was the walking memorial to Ann Richards. But the most magical thing happened to Dottie. Because of her command performance, every single float that drove by with a drag queen (there, of course, were several) that had seen her the night before hooted, hollered, waved, and blew kisses when they spied Dottie, Elf or any of us in the crowd. It was such a commotion the folks on either side of Dottie actually began to wonder just who they were standing next to. (LOL) Because of her position, she snagged every bead necklace, Frisbee, coffee sample, EVERYTHING that was thrown from floats on the route, and we were inundated with all manner of free stuff. Good thing I had that Guadalupe backpack open and ready. You can never be too prepared at a PRIDE parade. (LOL) The parade itself lasted two hours, and if any of the people there were disturbed by the torrential rain you'd never have known it. We were all soaked to the skin, but happy to be alive, proud, and with each other.
Afterwards, we made our way out of Dallas, into more rain (I swear, it hadn't rained this much in the entire year since I'd moved back to Texas!) and stopped at a restaurant on the path home for m Lisa and Dottie to make sure they were headed in the right direction. We had a great time talking about everything that had transpired, and I know I will always remember Dottie's first PRIDE parade fondly.
So I am finally back home recuperating from the experience. Should be back on my feet by next PRIDE parade. (LOL) It was an honor and pleasure ladies.

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