Friday, September 29, 2006

(48) October 5, 2003 An unexpected birthday surprise...

2003: First Class Stamp $0.37 cents
In the State of the Union address, Bush announces
that he will attack Iraq even without a UN mandate
Space shuttle Columbia explodes, killing all 7 astronauts
More than 10 million people protest in over 600 cities worldwide,
the largest war protest to take place before the war occurs.
Rush Limbaugh publicly admits
he is addicted to prescription pain medication
The "Green River Killer" confesses
Dan Brown publishes "The Da Vinci Code"
"Carnivale" premieres on HBO
"Big Fish", "Matrix Reloaded", "Matrix Revolution" in theaters
"Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" premieres on Brav0
Imagine my surprise on my birthday this year when I went to a movie with a friend and found one of my candles featured in it. We had no idea to expect it, so it was quite the feeling of "kismet." The movie was "Connie and Carla", a silly romp through the world of drag queens. Now, the candles have been pictured in many books and magazine, backdrops in movies and on stage, but what made this special was there was an entire scene devoted to my old "Our Lady of Drag Queens" candle. Having left these images behind, it was comforting to see them inspiring others, and it felt like seeing an old friend. This was also the year a musical inspired by my poor white trash paperdolls made it's debut in Chicago, "Lust in the Rust." Two more concrete examples of my belief that we are all pools of creativity overlapping and building on the energy of each other. And definitely a sign to go forward for me.

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